Gotham cast and crew will explore the darkness within in Season 4

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

If there's one theme to Gotham Season 4, it looks like it's going to be "inner darkness." Everyone seemed to hit a breaking point at the end of Season 3, with some incredible transformations, some literal, and every actor on the show talked about the inner darkness in one way or another during San Diego Comic-Con.

Alfred and Bruce will take on more of a father-son relationship than ever before, Sean Pertwee teased, but that's not without some "discombobulation," thanks to Bruce's simultaneously growing relationship with Ra's al Ghul.

“You’ll see in the middle of the season who Alfred really is, which I’m really excited about,” Pertwee told SYFY WIRE. “You’ll see Alfred out on his rear and see who he really is and it’s not necessarily a good look. You’re going to find out indirectly about the person he was, of which he’s not proud. He has as many demons — more demons — than Bruce has.”

Meanwhile, Bruce has Alexander Siddig as Ra's al Ghul also trying to pull his strings a bit -- and Ra's will be getting his hands on several other characters, too. He'll have trained Barbara in the three month time-jump between seasons, and Jessica Lucas teased that Tabitha and Ra's have a reason to have "some interactions," but she "can't tell you why."

Sidding said Ra's is "someone who haunts your dreams, but you kind of want him to." He feels like he's at the culmination of a "thousand year mission" to craft an heir. He looks forward to the conflict with Alfred, too. "I would be very disappointed if there isn't some serious rivalry for Bruce's affections, which may tip over into... physical contact." How would that fight go for Alfred? "It may end in ending Alfred's story, if I have anything to say about it."

The ladies of Gotham will be working much more closely togther, as Tabitha mentors Selina, and the younger works to bring Tabs and Babs back together, the three of them will be The Sirens together eventually, and Tabitha and Selina will already be close at the start of the year, in a sisterly dynamic. However, "she's really hard on Selina," Lucas teased. "There's a lot of toughness there as well as a teaching relationship."

Perhaps the strangest relationship we'll see in Gotham next year, though, will be the bizarre little family unit formed of Solomon Grundy, The Riddler, and a "Dark Lee." That is, once Cory Michael Smith's Riddler gets out of the block of ice in the middle of the Iceburg Lounge, where he starts the season.

That'll lead to "another identity crisis for him," Smith tells us. "His mind isn't functioning at the level that it was, and whether that can be cured or fixed, he doesn't know." He'll join Lee and Grundy, who've been through their own changes that make them "new people to interact with." Lee will be dealing with the guilt from releasing the virus.

So what comics should you read before Gotham Season 4? The first half of the season will be "our version of Long Halloween," executive producer John Stephens said as they introduce Scarecrow and let him loose on Gotham, with "Year One in the back half." Those are some tall orders of comparison.

Additional reporting by Lucas Siegel.

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