Gotham casts Chronicles of Riddick star as classic DC villain The Dollmaker

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT

The Fox series Gotham is digging deep into the DC comics lore, and after dropping some hints earlier this season, the producers have finally found their Dollmaker.

They’ve been planting seeds for the Dollmaker, aka Dr. Francis Dulmacher, to cause some trouble in this pre-Batman world — and they’ve locked in a legit sci-fi star to bring him to life. Genre veteran Colm Feore (Chronicles of Riddick, Amazing Spider-Man 2) has signed on for the part, and perfectly embodies the creepiness required for a twisted psycho like the Dollmaker.

The Dollmaker was first teased in the second episode when Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) got wrapped up in a mass kidnapping of street children, which was apparently orchestrated by the offscreen baddie. Deadline notes he’ll show “a zealotry bordering on madness, and [be] aided by his genius-level intellect and vast medical expertise.”

No word on exactly when The Dollmaker will show up in Gotham, but judging by the production slate, some point late in the season is the best bet. 

Also worth noting: Though Arrow and Gotham have shared some DC rogues, this will definitely not be a crossover. As fans will likely recall, the Dollmaker has already appeared on The CW series, played by Michael Eklund back in season two. So yeah, these are definitely (as we’d heard before) different universes.

Do you think Feore is a good pick for the role?

(Via Deadline)

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