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Gotham exec teases Zero Year, other comic influences in final season

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May 22, 2018

As the show introduces the Joker and rounds the corner for its victory lap finale season toward syndication, Gotham’s duty as a Batman prologue is now squarely front and center. And that means going to the comics. Last season was no stranger to the DC source material, taking from the legendary The Killing Joke and No Man's Land Batman stories. While No Man’s Land needs wrapping up, there are other influences they plan to adapt onscreen.

According to an interview with Gotham executive producer John Stephens at, Gotham’s final season will partially adapt Batman: Zero Year. Since Gotham’s just (and we mean just) been destroyed, it’s safe to say Zero Year will augment the ending of No Man’s Land.

When asked if there are other comic storylines in the upcoming season, Stephens said, “There are, and I'm trying to remember which [stories] they actually are. There's gonna be a little bit of Zero Year in there, you know as well.”

Clarifying which bits of the Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo New 52 run they’d be taking, Stephens said it’d be the stuff “especially with Nygma. And there's another one, but if I tell you what it is it really does spoil the story."

The Ed Nygma (alter ego for the Riddler) stuff he’s referring to is the second story arc of the comic, “Dark City,” during which the Riddler takes over the city and Batman must make an early effort to combat the villain. Nygma has already appeared on the show, played by Cory Michael Smith, and his role in the finale was a vital and exciting cliffhanger -- perfect for setting up the series’ final villain. Others that may add to the Riddler’s domination would be Red Hood and Doctor Death (who also appear in Zero Year), though neither has yet been on Gotham.

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