Gotham humorously shoots down Arrow over that Bruce Wayne reference

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Mar 26, 2021, 9:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Maybe DC oughta get these two together for a Superman v Batman-style smackdown. Hey, it wouldn't be the first time we had a cross-network crossover (Flash and Supergirl paved the way for that one a couple of years ago).

After the CW's Arrow name-checked Bruce Wayne in a teaser clip that popped up online yesterday that suggested the billionaire may have been moonlighting in Star City, Fox's Gotham clarified things on Twitter with a snarky retort.

Check it out below:

The Arrow clip comes from a scene in toinght's episode, "Tribute," and finds Mayor Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) holding the standard politician's press conference to vehemently shoot down reports that he is, in fact, the famed archer.

"First, I am not the Green Arrow," the Queens Industries head tells reporters. "Number two, photos can be doctored. They could've put Bruce Wayne's head on that body."

It's clear Gotham's makers think the Wayne Enterprises CEO has better things to do in his own backyard than to address petty gossip initiated by the Queen Industries head.

To his credit, Ollie does offer a firm denial when asked whether Wayne may have left Gotham to hang out in Star City recently.

Of course, despite the rival superheroes being on rival networks, the name-dropping is all in good fun. Especially considering the crossovers we've already seen, such as when the Arrowverse brought in Batman nemesis R'as al Ghul as their big villain a few seasons back.

Or the fact that two shows share a baddie in The Dollmaker and that in a previous Gotham episode a shot of the skyline showed a Queen Consolidated logo, hinting that Oliver Queen might have some business dealings in the Wayne's metropolis, too.