Gotham producer on Season 2: ‘Gordon has to embrace his dark side’

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Aug 27, 2015, 6:54 PM EDT (Updated)

The Fox series Gotham will be getting a tune-up this fall, as the creative team has revamped the structure with hopes of telling one gigantic story across the full tapestry of the season. So, how will they make that work?

Producer Danny Cannon chatted with Collider about the creative challenges, and said they’re basically scrapping the “villain of the week” model in an effort to create a more cohesive universe that bleeds together from episode to episode. Basically, they’re going for long-form storytelling, and this should give them the opportunity to weave in more characters to the overall narrative.

One big addition in Season 2 will be new baddie Theo Galavan (James Frain), who Cannon described as “like The Great Gatsby or Dracula,” who has sweeping ambitions for what he wants Gotham to become. They also plan to introduce early versions of Firefly, Tigress and Mr. Freeze. Of course, some fan favorites from last season (i.e. Jerome/The Joker(?)) will also be back.

Looking toward the narrative as a whole, here’s what Cannon had to say about Season 2:

“The one thing that’s easier is that we’re not establishing the world. Luckily, that world was accepted as a reality of its own, so we have the confidence that we’re standing on the correct foundations that we built in Season 1. I think what’s harder about it is that our ambitions are higher. We’ve created a saga in Season 2 and are splitting the saga into two pieces. Rather than telling so many different stories and treat them as individual stories, it’s 22 episodes of one story. Therefore, it’s a lot harder to break because we want to organically weave in a lot of origin stories into this one main story. It’s very complex…

It was very much in our mind that, if someone like Batman is going to be necessary, the rise of the villains is about creating an environment where Gordon has to lose control. What’s unleashed upon Gotham is a villain who is only trying to outshine, outplay and out-maneuver another villain, and not the police. There’s a competition amongst villains, and a lack of honor. A type of villain that believes in chaos and anarchy and doesn’t have the same morality as any of us and is unhindered by the same ethics and morality that we have is a dangerous man, indeed. So, Gordon has to embrace his darker side, in order to face that.”

Gotham returns to Fox on Sept. 21.

(Via Collider)

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