Gotham Season 3 first-look trailer promises all will be judged

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Jul 25, 2016, 3:12 PM EDT (Updated)

The third season of Gotham returns on Sept. 23 to people who want to know more about how Bruce Wayne learns how to crusade in a cape. Gotham has released a first-look trailer at San Diego Comic-Con, which we have for you, below.

Most of the trailer gives us the highlights of the lowlifes of first two seasons: Jerome, Firefly, Mr. Freeze and an entire cavalcade of creeps. Bruce, Gordon and Lee, the moral centers of Gotham, appear as well. The trailer also reminds me of my favorite moment of Season 2: Fish Mooney returning from the dead via Dr. Hugo Strange’s ethically challenged methods, escaping Arkham, and fleeing gleefully in a bus. To me, Gotham's Season 2 ended on that very high note.

Will Season 3 sustain that momentum? I’m optimistic, particularly after getting brief glimpses of the upcoming season. The Court of Owls will swoop in. Penguin appears to be on top. Barbara seems up to her crazy ways. We get to meet Vicki Vale, too.

In all, it’s what we’ve come to expect from Gotham. Bring it.

But first, a question: Is it my imagination, or is Alfred being attacked by the Green Hornet?