Bruce Wayne's transformation begins in latest Gotham Season 3 promo

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Apr 26, 2017, 12:37 PM EDT (Updated)

Edward Nygma won’t be the only Gotham character undergoing a pivotal transformation when the show returns from its long winter hiatus at the end of April: Bruce Wayne will begin his journey to becoming the protector of Gotham City.

Fox has released a new Season 3 promo, titled “The Transformation Begins” (which I’m sure is a nod to Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins), where we see David Mazouz’s Young Master Bruce as he (ahem) begins his training as the future Dark Knight, and looking totally badass while doing so.

During the show’s WonderCon panel over the weekend, Mazouz and producer Danny Cannon revealed Bruce will make a major decision that will impact his future on Bruno Heller’s pre-Batman TV series. Mazouz said:

“Bruce will go through a major transformation in these last eight episodes of the season, and it will result in him making a decision that he’s been searching for, for a very long time. It will be the most important decision of his life. He is going to live out the reason he was created, and it will have very bad consequences for Bruce—catastrophic consequences. I don’t want to give away too much, but it’s not going to be pretty.”

If watching Bruce begin his transformation into the iconic comic book hero we all know and love right before our eyes wasn’t enough, the final eight episodes of Season 3 will also see the debut of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine alum Alexander Siddig as Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul.

Wanna bet those final episodes are also going to be awesome?! Have a look at the new promo and let us know what you think. Gotham returns on April 24 on Fox.

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