Gotham trailer brings Bruce closer to Batman while Poison Ivy and Jerome get their turn

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Feb 11, 2018, 1:16 PM EST (Updated)

If you’ve followed Gotham, you know it’s the kind of show that just seems to keep throwing more and more balls in the air with each new season. With a huge cast and more twists and turns than a city sewer, it’s never been afraid to mix things up and trust in viewers to keep pace.

Now, with the release of the newest trailer previewing what’s to come in the second half of Season 4, we’re thinking Gotham’s juggling act is about to get even more … interesting.

The trailer, which helpfully starts with a three-minute recap of where Season 4 left off, finds young Bruce Wayne inching closer and closer to that inevitable “I’m Batman!” moment. We see him down in the caverns beneath Wayne Manor, envisioning a caped figure that disintegrates into a swarm of bats. We see him regarding the bat mask up close, speaking in prophetic tones about what’s to come — for himself, and for Gotham.


Judging from the preview, we don’t think it’s too far a limb to go out on to presume that the season’s home stretch will ramp up the focus on the rapidly evolving Poison Ivy, played for the first time by Peyton List (Frequency). If there’s any order to the proceedings, it looks like duplicity will rule the day — especially if you’re Poison Ivy or Catwoman — and that the inmates, in the case of Penguin and don’t-call-him-the-Joker Jerome, have taken over the asylum. 

Whatever’s in store, it definitely looks like Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon each will have his hands full fighting very different individual demons, while still remaining united against the larger common threat.

Where will it lead? Other than the lore high points that we know we’ll someday inevitably reach, Gotham is the kind of show where every possibility for how we might get there always seems to be in play. That’s a fancy way of saying we have no idea — but the teaser for the second half of Season 4 makes it look like we’ll be getting there fast. 

Season 4 of Gotham gets back in action at Fox on Thursday, March 1.

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