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Gotham: Watch the newly-minted Joker set off some dastardly hijinks

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Jan 17, 2020, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

Gotham's real Joker has arrived in the form of Jerome Velaska's twin brother, Jeremiah (also played by Cameron Monaghan), and thanks to an advance clip of this week's episode, you can see him in action. Confronting Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) and a collection of other Gotham PD officers, Jeremiah (aka Xander Wilde) plainly states that Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is dead and that he, Jeremiah, wants the entire city evacuated in six hours before he blows the place to kingdom come. 

"You're more sick than your brother," remarks a horrified Bullock, who can't even shoot the villain, since he's got a dead man switch on the bomb detonator.

Jeremiah simply laughs and says, "Don't compare me to that short-sighted psychopath. He just wanted to destroy things. Me, I'm a builder. I'm gonna create a new Gotham in my image, but every artist needs a blank canvas, so all of this has to go." 

Just to show he means business, Jeremiah blows up a nearby building without so much as a flinch. Watch the advance clip below:

While he doesn't have the maniacal glee that the character is known for, Jeremiah's Joker seems much more in line with Heath Ledger's take on the iconic Batman nemesis in The Dark Knight. There's no question that Jeremiah's insane, but he's got cold and calculating purpose to go with that insanity, a dangerous combination. Where other villains see wanton mayhem and destruction, he sees an opportunity. 

With only three episodes left of Season 4, "That Old Corpse" airs tomorrow night on Fox.