Batman Vengeance of Bane

Gotham writer/producer flexes first photo of Shane West's Bane on Twitter

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Oct 22, 2018, 2:09 PM EDT

Fox's Gotham is going all out for its fifth and final season, which will introduce a number of Batman mainstays like Bane, who will be played by ER's Shane West.

Writer and producer Tze Chun shared a first look at the villain in costume on Twitter, and it looks like they're going for a mix of Bane from Batman & Robin and Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. They were both cool iterations on the character, so why not mash them together in the super collider that is Gotham

He doesn't have the luchador-esque mask he often wears in the comics, but his tube-happy apparatus looks like it's pumping copious amounts of Venom (the fictional strength enhancement drug, not the Symbiote) into his bloodstream. Our only question is if he'll speak with Tom Hardy's garbled accent or do something else entirely. 

See West's take on Bane below:

West joined the show back in September, but no one was quite sure what role he'd play, although it was heavily speculated that he would be portraying one of the season's main villains. 

Created by Chuck Dixon, Graham Nolan, and Dennis O'Neil, Bane was hardened from a young age when he was doomed to serve a prison sentence in the place of his revolutionary father. While on the inside, he honed his fighting/survival skills and read every book he could, making him both incredibly deadly and smart. Aware of his talents, the heads of the prison subjected Bane to a sadistic experiment that gave him incredible strength, but made him dependent on Venom, which he must take regularly. 

Season 5 doesn't air until March, but at New York Comic Con showrunner and executive producer John Stephens revealed that the final episode would jump 10 years into the future, just so we can see a certain character. If we were betting people, we'd say that it's probably Batman, wouldn't you?