Gotham’s David Mazouz teases Batman's arrival in Season 5

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Aug 6, 2018

Through four seasons, Gotham has kept the future identities of its major players at a distant mirage’s length, while adding in new characters and weaving in new storylines that give the show a sense of present-tense urgency — even as we all know who these characters eventually will become. 

But as production on the show’s fifth and final season enters full swing this week, it’s beginning to look as though the biggest player of all will finally be making his long-awaited entrance — at least in some form.

David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) is hinting that Gotham’s long and slow foreshadowing of Batman’s emergence will finally kick into its highest gear as Gotham ties everything together for Season 5, telling TV Insider that the days of teasing Bruce’s grown-up fate are, at long last, ready to come to an end.

“Let’s just say, bats may be involved,” joked the 17 year-old star. “…Throughout the show, we've been having little teases of these iconic things, but now, in Season 5, we really get to show them and show their full force and show them in their entirety and not have to tease them anymore but actually say the words ‘Batman.’”

While inhabiting Batman lore in its own self-contained way, Gotham has only given distant nods to all the familiar identities that lie in its characters’ futures. While it’s still anyone’s guess how the final season will tie all the hanging threads still lingering in the shadows, we at least have some idea of where the themes are coming from: executive producer John Stephens already has said fans can expect to see elements from Batman: Zero Year, following on the heels of last season’s comic book adaptations from The Killing Joke and No Man's Land.

Fox hasn’t revealed a release date for Gotham’s final batch of 13 episodes, but with the network’s fall TV packed out and production on Season 5 just getting underway, it’ll likely be early next year before we get our first look at young Bruce Wayne as he takes the biggest step yet toward donning that dark cape.

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