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Gotham's Jim Gordon reveals which comics inspired the Batman prequel series

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Feb 18, 2014, 12:20 PM EST

We’ll finally get to see Batman’s world on the small screen this fall with Fox's Gotham (we choose to forget The CW’s Birds of Prey), and the series’ young Jim Gordon just revealed which comics he’s reading to get ready.

Ben McKenzie, who will star in the series as young Detective Jim Gordon, has posted a photo showing all the Batman comics he’ll be reading to get ready for the role. For comic fans, that represents a great peek into the tone of what they’ll be aiming for with Gotham. Even cooler? Former Dark Knight-era Commissioner Gordon Gary Oldman recommended he dig into the classics beforehand. Good advice.

So, what are they? Thankfully, we get a good bit of Gotham Central, along with Frank Millar's acclaimed Batman origin tale Year One, plus Long Halloween and its sequel Dark Victory. They’re all Batman classics, and it’s encouraging to know that McKenzie will go into this with the seminal Gotham Central fresh on his mind.

Check out the stack of Batman classics below and let us know which run you hope McKenzie will study before filming ramps up:

(Via Ben  McKenzie)