Gotham's latest episode reveals the Court's intentions and finally gets Ivy right

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May 4, 2017, 11:12 PM EDT (Updated)

(The following recap contains spoilers for the Gotham episodeĀ "Heroes Rise: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions")

The short version: As Penguin struggles to rebuild his Gotham-retaking army, Gordon struggles to understand both his Uncle Frank's true motivations and what the Court of Owls is really up to. And as Gordon enlists the help of his violent ex, Barbara, Bruce Wayne learns from a mysterious shaman just exactly why he's been kidnapped.

The good: Ivy and Oswald, Barbara Queen, and Lee keeps hating Jim

Another episode that proves the right duo can make Gotham good. This week it's Oswald and ... Ivy? I know, right?! Last season I was all ready to tell my friends to get on board with Gotham until Ivy got turned into a sexed-up vixen with the mind of a 12-year-old, and that nixed that plan. But after a more-than-rocky start, Ivy has finally become fun. Gone is the weird sex stuff, and in its place is her being this perfect mesh of manipulative and goofy.

As for Ivy and Penguin, I think what I like most is how unlikely their team-up is. The only trait that binds them is that they're both weird outcasts. But much like Nygma before, Oswald seems to have this uncanny ability to bring out the most entertaining in those around him.

It was a good week for the women of Gotham (or as good as it ever can be, since none of them get to be the heroes) because Barbara was back, and also as fun as ever. Beating lackeys with her shoes, referring to herself as "Barbara Queen," and continuing to keep James Gordon dangling on a hook. This week she does him a favor, but that only serves as a reminder that James can't handle Gotham city without Barbara.

And even Lee got in a good dig this week, slamming Gordon for being able to move on even after he's completely ruined everyone's life around him for the millionth time. Lee does say she wishes she could leave destruction in her own wake, once again. I'm pointing towards the stands and calling it: Leslie Thompkins is going dark, and might even wind up being the Harley Quinn of Gotham. I know everyone thinks this theory is crazy, but only time will tell if I'm crazy or crazy smart at watching TV.

The bad: Jim and the Court, Bruce's guided hand

Why does the Court of Owls want Jim Gordon in their bird squad? Uncle Frank says how strong Jim is before killing himself, but I'm not sure we've ever seen the Jim Gordon that is so worth this amount of devotion. He's brutish, he kills even when it's not necessary, and he spends a lot of time drinking and frowning. What's to love? Why does the Court want him so bad? I just don't get it.

And speaking of things I'm not sure I'm on board with, I have a lot of reservations about what appears to be Bruce's path to Batman on Gotham. Right now, it seems like there's a group which controls the court (a nesting doll of shadowy organizations here on Gotham) and it wants to make Bruce into Gotham's protector.

The Shaman is kind of interesting in that he's bringing the mystical to Gotham. I'm down for all things mystical, especially on a show like Gotham, which thrives when it is at its craziest. But I have some concerns about Bruce being controlled and turned into Batman by someone else, rather than choosing the path for himself. But maybe that's just me.

Lines of the night

"How do you do that? How do you move on leaving so much destruction in your wake? I wish I could do that." - Leslie Thompkins

"Jim! What an unpleasant surprise. Let me guess: do I hear a favor coming on?" - Barbara

"You'll do anything I ask? Super! Kill them all." - Ivy

Lingering questions

What's in the (Indian Hill) box? Which freaks will join Team Penguin, how will Ra's Al Ghul factor into the rest of the season, and who is Harley Quinn? And will Oswald and Ed find love again, or will they just wind up beating each other near to death?

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