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Gotham’s proto-joker Cameron Monaghan reveals he’s set to play mysterious third character in finale

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Jan 11, 2019, 9:31 AM EST

Just when you thought you’d seen both sides to Cameron Monaghan's possible Jokers on Gotham, it seems the actor could have another trick up his sleeve… either that, or he's just greedy.

As in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Monaghan has revealed that in addition to playing Jerome and Jeremiah in the last few seasons of the show, fans can expect to see him as a mysterious third character in the fifth and final season.

"The character I most enjoyed playing is the one in the final episode that we haven’t seen yet," he told the publication, without giving out any further details on who that might be.

Monaghan first appeared in the series playing the pseudo-Joker Jerome, causing carnage in Gotham before being killed. The actor then reappeared as Jerome’s twin, Jeremiah Valeska, who fans thought would go to become the official Clown Prince of Crime.

But now Monaghan’s comments to EW have, quite frankly, thrown us all down a rabbit hole of possibilities over who that title could be given to in the final season.

Elsewhere in the interview, Monaghan talked about the "weird challenge" he was given as an actor to play the two roles on the show. "It’s definitely not what I expected going into it, to develop one character for as long as I did and be like, all right, time for a new thing that’s also distinct," he explained.

Perhaps alluding to the mysterious third character, Monaghan added: “And then I’ve had to do that again recently in the final season as well — I won’t say how or why but there’s another huge transition for the character too."

Could there be a third and final Joker-type character in the mix? Or is he simply referring to an eventual transition into the "real" Joker? Are Jerome and Jeremiah actually a set of evil triplets? Will they all face-off with each other to take the crown?  After all, Monaghan said in the interview that the "spirit of Jerome lives inside of Jeremiah." We certainly can’t wait to find out.

Gotham airs Thursdays at 8pm on Fox.