Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor has had enough of your Oswald Cobblepot pity

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May 12, 2017

When we last checked in with Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor, he shared interesting insights about his journey of discovery in finding Oswald Cobblepot's humanity. As fun as it's been to establish such a sympathetic supervillain, Taylor tells us he's really looking forward to finding The Penguin's despicable side in the show's future (which we now know is indeed bright -- in that gloomy, Gotham sense of the word).

"I want to see him take agency, and I also want to see him not be vulnerable anymore, and I want him to be despicable -- awful and despicable," Taylor says in the interview below, filmed on location here at Syfy headquarters.

While we had him to ourselves, we also had to ask Taylor's thoughts about how Cobblepot's story should ultimately come to an end on Gotham. As someone who spends a great deal of time trying to understand the man, the myth and the monster that is The Penguin, Taylor's answer couldn't feel more right. Check it out, then let us know if you agree.

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