Goyer confirms early 'conversations' about potential TV-to-movie DC crossovers

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Riding the wave from Man of Steel and small-screen hits like Arrow, DC is doing a pretty good job across the media — except when it comes to connecting them. But could that change soon?

David Goyer, who wrote Man of Steel and is hard at work on its sequel, chatted with IGN about the disparate corners of the DC universe and the potential to bring it all together into a more “cohesive” whole. Goyer noted that a more unified world remains a priority for Warner Bros. and revealed that some “general conversations” are already taking place to make it happen.

Here’s the relevant excerpt:

“I mean, it's too early. I know that Warner Bros. would love to make their universe more cohesive. There have been a lot of general conversations about that, but it's really, really early. I'm not sure. Marvel has had enormous success, but I'm not sure that everybody should try to emulate them either. It's just been vague conversations so far.”

Admittedly, it sounds like they’re not very far along in the effort, but it’s fascinating to know these talks are even happening. Marvel is in the midst of one of its gutsiest efforts to date with the dense crossover event between Winter Soldier and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and only time will tell if it actually works. Honestly, we’d have to think the potential effect (or non-effect) of that effort might also inform DC’s direction.

With Arrow already on the air, and everything from The Flash to Constantine and Gotham on the way this fall, DC will have no shortage of options to potentially tie into the bigger Man of Steel universe. Though fans would love to see Arrow make the leap to the big screen in a Justice League film (and the two projects admittedly have a comparable tone), it’s pretty obvious that they live in their own universes at this point. Plus, as Arrow has shown, you can still make a damn compelling series while sticking to your own corner of the DC canon.

What do you think? Does DC have the wherewithal, or desire, to tie it all together?

(Via IGN)

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