Deadpool Monopoly Box

Grab some 'dumb luck' inside of Deadpool's head with Monopoly's Deadpool Edition

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Jan 6, 2018, 2:14 PM EST (Updated)

Continuing his fine tradition of so-crazy-it's-brilliant marketing (as well as generous responses to fans with wise testicles), Deadpool is getting into the board game business. He's not creating his own game, though -- much as he took over the painting show of the dearly departed Bob Ross, Wade Wilson is taking over Monopoly. He's not just going to pass go, he's gonna fire a whole mess of bullets into it while he does.

The Marvel Deadpool Edition of Monopoly is not just another redress of the board game classic, it's a whole new glimpse into Deadpool's twisted mind. Classic tokens like the hat, thimble, and iron are long gone, and have been replaced with a bomb, a taco, a unicorn, and a chef's hat. What does the chef's hat have to do with Deadpool? Probably nothing -- welcome to Deadpool's head.

Deadpool Monopoly Board

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The Chance cards are gone, replaced with "Dumb Luck." In case you get a "get out of jail free" card, it will read something like "You had too much fun in jail so they kicked you out." There are no railroads, there are only "sweet rides," which include mopeds and, once again, unicorns. 

The game substitutes mercenaries and contracts instead of houses and hotels, but the most fun part of it all is that players are able to steal money (with Deadpool's face on it) from other players. You can steal mercenaries and sweet rides as well, which makes us think that more than a few real-life fights may break out because of this game. 

The still unofficially titled Deadpool 2 isn't expected until June 1, 2018, but this board game of madness and mayhem could be the perfect way for you to fill that Deadpool-sized hole in your soul until the new film arrives. 

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