Grant Gustin says The Flash hopes to reach Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Jul 27, 2017, 10:20 PM EDT

In the very first episode of The Flash, an ambitious tease of events to come came from 10 and a half years in the future -- right around what would be the last three or four episodes of a hypothetical Season 10. The tease came in the form of a future edition of Central City's newspaper, with the headline "FLASH MISSING VANISHES IN CRISIS" dated April 25, 2024 (and bylined Iris West-Allen, for what it's worth).

The headline reflects Crisis on Infinite Earths, widely considered the first true "event comic," as it crossed over the entire DC Comics line in the early 1980s, crashing together all of their many alternate universes, combining them into one cohesive world. The paper's full version also mentions "Red skies vanish," another link to Crisis.

Now star Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen and the titular superhero on the show, says the goal, if not the plan, is to get there, eventually.

"We don't really talk about it on a yearly basis, but it was mentioned early on, and that's a goal," Gustin told ComicBook at San Diego Comic-Con. "Obviously we'd have to go, I think 10 years to reach that, so there's a possibility for sure. It'll be fun to get there."

Seeing As The Flash is just going into Season 4 when it returns to The CW on October 10, 2017, well, that's a long way out. It sounds like the plan, at least for now, is to keep that 2025 date in mind when it comes to a possible Crisis adaptation.

Still, in the interim, The Flash hasn't been shying away from multiple universes, time travel, or direct comic book storyline adaptations. With alternate universes like Earth-2, Supergirl's Earth, Gypsy's Earth-19, and more already teased, the possibilities of them all slamming together in a major event is an intriguing one. Barry Allen also created an alternate timeline when they very loosely adapted "Flashpoint," a comic story where saving Barry's mother's life in the past caused all sorts of havoc in the present.

So mark your calendars, folks. It sounds like there's a heck of a multi-part Season 10 finale on the way in just six years and nine months.