Grant Gustin's full Flash costume has finally been revealed

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Mar 11, 2014

We saw the head, now we get to see the rest of the Flash's brand-new threads. 

The much-anticipated pilot for the Arrow spinoff that will chronicle the adventures of the Scarlet Speedster Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is finally in production in Vancouver, and that means we're finally getting glimpses of the show's look. Two weeks ago we got our first peek at Allen's Flash costume from the neck up, and what we saw was pretty heartening, but what about the rest of the costume? Well, Warner Bros. is finally letting us have a look at the full design by three-time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood. 

Check it out:

OK, so we don't get a total full-body look because he's crouching, but close enough. The same dark red we saw on the cowl dominates most of the suit, with just a hint of gold trim here and there and a nice lightning-bolt contour running down the legs. The contrasting fabrics on the arms and shoulders are an interesting touch, and perhaps a nod to practicality. If you run a lot, you want clothes that can breathe, after all. The best part for me, though, is the chest logo. It's got the classic lightning bolt, and the bright red background acts as a nice nod to the comic-book Flash costumes. 

"I hope the fans who treasure the character are as excited as we are by what costume designer Colleen Atwood has achieved with this latest version of The Flash's iconic suit," executive producer and director David Nutter said. 

If all goes well with the pilot process, we'll see Gustin zipping through Central City in this costume this fall. 

(Via CBR)

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