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Jul 16, 2010

Speaking of Brea Grant...

Many years ago, I wasn't a huge fan of Kevin Bacon until I saw "The Big Picture", and then "Tremors", and so I finally decided he cracks me up and is cool.

Then someone told me about the Oracle of Bacon, where you enter an actor's name and get their Bacon Number; their degree of separation from Kevin Bacon (if you don't know what this is then I won't explain because you are hopelessly unhip).

I put my name into The Oracle and it came up with nothing. Drat. But wait a sec...

I'm in this video with Brea Grant (see below), who was in "Halloween II" with Octavia Spencer, who was in "Beauty Shop" with... Kevin Bacon.

I have a Bacon Number of 3!

OK, not officially, since my video with Brea probably doesn't count. So I looked again at The Oracle, and realized it was only searching movies. As it happens I've done a few documentaries which are listed on IMDB, so I hit the "allow all" button on the Oracle which includes documentaries...

Aha! It still works! It doesn't include Brea, sadly, but I suspect Aretha is pretty cool, too.

Hey, cool! I still have a Bacon number of 3.

Still, since both methods are a little dodgy, I think it's fair to fudge it a bit. Let's just say I have a Bacon Number of a tad more than three... say, 3.1415.

Mmmmm. Bacon Pi.

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