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Grant Morrison and Dan Mora on Boom!'s frosty new winter special, Klaus and the Crying Snowman

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Sep 17, 2018, 2:55 PM EDT

Halloween is just around the corner and the tinseled magic of Christmastime may seem ages away but Boom! Studios is already anticipating an early winter with today's announcement of a fresh new Klaus Winter Special titled, Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1, and we've got a first peek at the killer covers. 

Written by the masterful Grant Morrison (Happy!, The Invisibles) and matched with breathtaking art by Dan Mora (HexedPower Rangers: Shattered Grid), Boom!'s Eisner Award-nominated Klaus miniseries was one of the most surprising releases of the year when it first launched back in 2015.


The bold book took the untold legend of St. Nick and blended it with grand Game of Thrones-like drama, icy romantic landscapes, and fierce mythological creatures to create an instant classic now being adapted into a feature film by 20th Century Fox.

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After the original seven-issue series ended in 2016, fans screamed for more, resulting in the first of two Winter specials, first Klaus and the Witch of Winter, then Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville in 2017.  Now the dynamic creative team is back with this year's Klaus one-shot, where the charismatic warrior takes up his sword to save a dad who's become a living snowman and vanquish a pantheon of Norse Gods in the process.

“'It's beginning to look a lot like doomsday... in the 2018 Klaus Christmas special!” said writer Grant Morrison. “Working with Dan Mora and BOOM! Studios on these annual adventures of everyone's favorite sword-slinging immortal gift-giver is more fun than a flying sleigh ride through the Aurora Borealis! Dan has rapidly established himself as one of my all-time favorite collaborators and this year he excels himself yet again as Klaus and his allies face the apocalyptic return of the beings who destroyed the Norse Gods! Can Klaus, his white wolf Lilli, and superhuman comrades including the Romanian Communist Santa Claus Mos Gerila, prevent the end of days and the ultimate destruction of Christmas as a concept? What do you think?”

klaus cover 2

“It's that time of the year, another Klaus Christmas Special that will allow you to experience the Santa Claus story in different and mysterious ways,” artist Dan Mora added. “This is the fourth year we've been working on the series, and returning each year to work with Grant and the team is an honor and a pleasure. Grant has created another crazy, amazing story this year for the demigod Klaus and his wolf sidekick, and it's a rewarding, never-ending challenge to try and keep up with Grant's imagination as I visually bring this world to life!”

These traditional Klaus holiday treats are becoming an annual event and fans are apt to find a crisp copy sticking out of their stockings as the heroic Father Christmas and his white wolf companion save the world once again.  Will you unwrap one for yourself?

Boom!'s Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1 blows into comic shops December 19.

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