Grant Morrison bringing The Invisibles and Brave New World to TV as part of overall UCP deal

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Nov 7, 2018, 10:05 PM EST

The Grant Morrison comic series The Invisibles will soon be seen on the small screen. 

The prolific comic book writer and playwright, who's behind such titles as Batman: Arkham Asylum and All-Star Superman, will be adapting his long-running comic series for television. Universal Cable Productions will produce the show, though it's unclear at this point where it will eventually end up. 

According to Variety, the deal comes as part of Morrison's overall deal with UCP, which has him creating new content for the company's host of networks and streaming services (including SYFY).

Published under DC's Vertigo imprint, Morrison's The Invisibles ran from 1994-2000. Set in the year 2020, the story followed a cell of the Invisible College, a highly secretive organization that fought off forces of oppression through a combination of magic, meditation, time travel, and good old-fashioned comic book violence. Taking place across multiple times and dimensions, it was packed full of techno-magic goodness. 

Morrison told SYFY WIRE late last year that he'd be open to adapting The Invisibles under the right circumstances. "That's the one that I kinda do feel this is my baby, and I wouldn’t want too much to be messed with," Morrison explained. 

It's quite a busy time for the Glasgow native, who's currently in production on the second season of SYFY's Happy!, another UCP project based on his four-issue comic of the same name. The series follows Christopher Meloni's Nick, a drug-addicted hitman who meets an imaginary blue horse with wings, voiced by Patton Oswalt. Morrison wrote the series pilot, and serves as an executive producer. 

Additionally, UCP and Amblin Television are working to adapt author Aldous Huxley's tech-heavy tale of a utopia gone wrong, Brave New World. The project has been on deck at SYFY for a number of years now, with Morrison both writing and executive producing. Huxley's widely-acclaimed book has been the basis for two television movies, in 1980 and 1998, both of which aired on NBC. 

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