Grant Morrison will relaunch DC's Green Lantern this fall with a 'police procedural' approach to Hal Jordan

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Jul 19, 2018, 1:32 PM EDT

Over the course of his career at DC Comics, Grant Morrison has written just about every major character the company has in one form or another. That includes a career-defining run on JLA, acclaimed runs with Batman and The Flash, the graphic novel Wonder Woman: Earth One, events like Final Crisis and Multiversity, and one of the greatest Superman stories ever told with All-Star Superman. Now, Morrison's turning his attention to another DC franchise: Green Lantern.

The publisher announced Thursday that Morrison will team up with artist Liam Sharp (The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman) this fall for The Green Lantern, a new ongoing series that will see Morrison apply his own approach to the life and adventures of the most famous of Earth's Green Lantern Corps members: Hal Jordan.

Speaking to IGN about the book, Morrison laid out his plan to keep his Hal Jordan stories a bit more grand in the day-to-day reality of what his job as a Green Lantern is. Geoff Johns famously evolved his approach to the character during his definitive Green Lantern run from more character-focused storytelling in Green Lantern: Rebirth back in 2004 to cosmic epics that broke that corps into separate smaller corps based on various colors. Morrison, at least for now, doesn't seem too interested in that.

“Instead of the big, epic, 12-part stories, we’re focusing down on the everyday life of a space cop. Basically, it’s no more apocalypse-ending storylines,” Morrison said. “The basic concept is that [Hal Jordan] is like a space cop that patrols a sector of the universe where anything can happen. We’ve made it more like a police procedural.”

So, how do you make a space cop procedural interesting after so many bigger, galaxy-spanning stories? Well, for starters, the first arc will see Jordan attempting to track down three of the most dangerous criminals in the universe after the prison ship carrying them crash lands on Earth. Then there's the supporting cast, which will for the moment keep Lanterns of other colors, as well as the other Lanterns of Earth, largely out of the picture, with the focus instead going to new or forgotten characters from the Green Lantern mythos. Then there's the element of who Hal Jordan is to Morrison, who sees him as a loner figure longing for something beyond Earth.

“We’re doing Hal Jordan where, you know he’s a good cop, but is he really a good guy? And we’re looking into his relationships and how he deals with people. And also the fact that, if you’ve got a job as a space cop, it’s hard to be stuck on the planet Earth," he said. "He has other lives on other planets. We’re gonna be looking into a lot of things that I don’t think we’ve seen a lot with Hal Jordan before.”

Morrison and Sharp's The Green Lantern #1 arrives in November. Head over to IGN for an exclusive look at early art from the book.