Grant Morrison tries to explain his ambitious new DC comic The Multiversity

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Sep 3, 2014, 10:56 AM EDT (Updated)

Comic legend Grant Morrison has kicked off one of the most ambitious titles in DC Comics history with The Multiversity. But in case you’re a little confused, he’s here to break it down.

Morrison had a wide-ranging chat with SuperHeroHype, and among the topics was his massive new limited series The Multiversity. The series will bring together heroes from across the, you guessed it, multiverse — as they must join up to take on one of the largest threats in comics history. He's digging deep with this one, and we'll be seeing some of the weirdest and wildest corners of the DC universe.

We’ve pulled some choice excerpts below, where Morrison digs into the deeper meaning of the narrative and how certain characters might fit into the larger story:

I noticed at least a passing similarity in Annihilator to your latest release Multiversity … They’re both about these super meta-narrative. Was that just a coincidence that these happen to be coming out at the same time?

Morrisson: “[P]articularly ‘Multiversity’ no ones really noticed it yet, but what the bad guys represent is Nihilism basically. I was doing a lot of reading about Nihilism and the whole antinatalist philosophy, a lot of the stuff that inspired ‘True Detective’ and that character that Matthew McConaughey played so I was kind of getting into Nihilism and this whole ‘human-hating’ world we live in, this narrative, and that’s what both of these things are about I think.”

Now the central plot of the series is about these representatives from each of the different earths coming together, will we find out who the chosen members from Earth 0 and Earth 2 are given their ties to DC’s New 52 or will that remain a mystery?

Morrison: “No, we don’t see those f***ers at all! [Laughs] Those guys have already got stories playing out in monthly books. So no, “The Multiversity” is about everything else but that is part of the structure, but we don’t see any of those characters at all apart from the guidebook. That one’s about everything else, it’s about all the gigantic possibilities and the multiplicity of things that happened and with Earth 1 and Earth 2.”

The first issue of Multiversity is on shelves now, and it’s one heck of a cool romp. We love the fact that they’re trying something so big, and here’s hoping the entire run is half as awesome as the opening chapter.

(Via SuperHeroHype)

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