Grant Morrison's ambitious passion project Sinatoro making jump from film to comic

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Oct 8, 2014

Comic legend Grant Morrison has spent the past few years trying to get his passion project film script, Sinatoro, off the ground. Well, we’re finally going to get to see the story — just not exactly as intended.

With the film effort stalled, Morrison has cut a deal with Black Mask Studios to adapt Sinatoro as a comic run. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the original film script was conceived as a “modern take on the Tibetan Book of the Dead,” but it turned out the story was a bit too ambitious for just one film. So while he tries to figure out how to make that work, he’s going to make a run at a comic version.

Here’s the plot, in a nutshell: Sinatoro follows a necronaut who is sent into the afterlife to save Earth from destruction. It draws influences from the western genre and the classic American highway Route 66. It’s something Morrison considers his magnum opus of sorts, and we’re glad he’ll finally get a chance to tell it.

Morrison has teamed up with artist Vanesa Del Ray for the comic. Del Ray has an extremely unique style, and we can’t wait to see how her skill set helps brings the story to life. The book is scheduled to hit shelves on April 2015. Black Mask is an upstart transmedia and publishing company founded by comic-book writer Steve Niles, Epitaph Records CEO Brett Gurewitz and Halo-8's Matt Pizzolo.

The Sinatoro release is actually just one small part of a massive new phase of releases, and if nothing else, it’s nice to see another indie publisher willing to take a shot on some ambitious stuff. Here’s hoping Sinatoro is worth the wait.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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