Graphic-novel gifts, frozen aliens, Pegg's Who solution & more!

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Dec 15, 2012

This week's edition (BAM!) of Hottest Stories and Best Comments (POW!) is chock-full of comic-y goodness (SNIKT!). Check out great graphic-novel gifts, watch Moore destroy the DC universe, ogle Erica Durance channeling a certain Amazon, and see Bradley Cooper as the Crow. Not into comics? No problemo! We also have kickass Star Wars parents, frozen aliens, a Lucasfilm mystery and ... Simon Pegg dropping the F-bomb.

Our story: 15 awesome graphic novel gifts for the comics lover in your life

Your best comment: Thanks for this list! I read comics voraciously in the late 80's early 90's, but have kind of fallen off the wagon. This list is the ideal "wishlist" to pick the habit back up again. — Mike

Our story: 21 must-have sci-fi Blu-rays and DVDs that'll make perfect holiday gifts

Your best comment: I would love to see Babylon 5 on Blu-ray, but it won't work. Much of the photography is out of focus and grainy. The CGI isn't up to current standards but most Babylon 5 devotees are aware of that and would accept it. - - - Don't get me wrong. I adore Babylon 5. I have virtually the entire run memorized from watching it dozens and dozens of times. I watched the whole series on a 42 inch HDTV last week. Old issues are magnified when seen on a large screen. Example, almost all long shots - scenes which are not close-up - are badly out of focus. Most scenes shot in difficult lighting are ruined by heavy grain in the film - either bad film stock or "push processed" to make up for the lack of film sensitivity to light. Some scenes the Earthforce cyan colored uniforms are suddenly emerald green. This is due to reciprocity failure - green and magenta are color opposites - if magenta is corrected green becomes dominant, if green is corrected magenta becomes dominant. — Michael

Our story: 11 pics of Star Wars nursery created by most awesome parents ever

Your best comment: The wampa rug and Fett lamp are adorable. But diapers that play Imperial march when baby tinkles? Priceless. — Julien

Our story: 14 bizarre real-life ways people have tried to kill vampires

Your best comment: An old Albanian grandmother told me once that the 'proper' way to stop a vampire was to cut off the hands, burn the rest of the body, stake the hands (palms up) to a board, place the ashes from the cremation in the palms, affix candles to each of the finger tips, light the candles then put the board in a fresh water stream that empties into salt water. If the board makes it to the sea with the candles still burning the 'sea spirits' will find the creature and destroy it once and for all, if all the candles go out before the raft makes it to salt water, the vampire can regenerate and you have to start all over.

Then again, her recipe for the 'proper' way to make baklava took four days an involved personally collecting the honey after dark while standing in a cloud of smoke from burning grape leaves so I'm guessing Albanians just did things a little differently eighty years ago. — shayd

Our story: Woman says she's kept alien in freezer for 2 years since UFO crash

Your best comment: Kermit on meth? — CajunGaijin

Our story: Abandoned Alan Moore comic would have destroyed the DC Universe

Your best comment: I think back in 1989 it would have been a terrible idea for DC to do that to their regular universe but they might have gotten away with it as an Elseworlds story. However, in today's climate the story would be more or less well excepted, at least by geeks in their 30's like me. — Benjamin

Our story: Erica Durance gets to be David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman after all

Your best comment: Looks like it's time to turn to a life of crime. I'll come quietly, but she won't. — MindFreak

Our story: Lucasfilm domain registration reveals mystery Star Wars project

Your best comment: Sounds like a Star Wars Social Networking Website. Perhaps a Sithbook or Jediface style site. — ATK

Our story: Simon Pegg doesn't want to be the film Who, but knows who should be

Your best comment: I would like to see Samuel L. Jackson as the Doctor... — Edward

Our story: What Bradley Cooper would have looked like in that Crow reboot

Your best comment: Jared Leto would be PERFECT for this roll on many levels. He is a good actor, musician. He even has a certain style that the roll needs as well. Cooper is too big (physically)for this, too traditional surfer body style. The Crow should be thinner yet very fit. Like Lee was. — Fuminsho

Our story: Watch the dramatic Snow White and the Huntsman trailer NOW

Your best comment: LOL at all the idiots casing on Kristen Stewart solely because of Twilight. I am not real 'fan' of hers, but you people...geez. The internet also complained about Heath Ledger as Joker...until they saw him play the role. So everyone have a nice cup of shut the f*ck up and wait to see the product before you judge it. — Taiso

Our story: CONFIRMED: New Marvel TV series to take place in Avengers universe

Your best comment: This could be great. Jessica Jones is a great character, particularly because her story explores what happens when a super-powered person fails to be able to compete among super-Heroes. Flashbacks to her in costume and embarrassing herself will be a highlight. Cameos by the Avengers and Luke Cage and Iron Fist will be great. The hole Heroes for Hire could be a spin off. Robert Downey Jr has done TV before (Ally McBeal) so depending upon his schedule I don't think he'd be too good for TV.

A few years ago, Lena Headey would have been a great actress to cast. — UnRiel

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