Gravity Mine, redux

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Dec 4, 2005

So, most people figured out the video I posted about on Friday. The camera was simply turned upside down, and that made the rocks appear to fall up. This was a very simple trick, and it's not like the videographers were trying really hard to make it look real, yet a lot of people fell for it (haha! Get it? Fell!).

A lot of the comments on that entry were from people who couldn't believe anyone would think it was real, given how simple (and in hindsight, how obvious) the trick was. But, in my experience, I've found that a lot of folks will quite easily be perplexed by such a thing. It's not that they're stupid; far from it. It's just that they are not used to thinking critically about what they see. Thinking that way takes practice, and it's easy -- far too easy-- to let those guards slip.

The vast majority of people in the world simply accept what they see and hear without analyzing it. It's an evolutionary trait of humans, and maybe a long time ago had (and in some circumstances even now still has) survival traits. But in today's world, with an easily-manipulated media, unedited opinions on the web, and -- let's face it-- a whole lot of people who want to control you in one way or another, this is a dangerous thought process indeed.

So just think. Think! When you see something that you have a hard time believing, then maybe you should take it as a sign you shouldn't believe in it. In my opinion, you shouldn't believe in anything. Don't just ask for proof: demand it!

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