Great Hera! Chronicle writer Max Landis is gonna pitch a Wonder Woman flick

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Sep 11, 2013

Move over, Superman and Batman: If Chronicle writer Max Landis gets his way, Wonder Woman may finally be getting her own film!

Not only does Chronicle writer Max Landis want to pen a Wonder Woman flick for Warner Bros., he also wants to tackle Green Lantern—despite the fact that there was that thing 2011 film starring Ryan Reynolds.

During a Reddit Q&A, Landis revealed what his ideal superhero projects were. The first one was a new take on Green Lantern (yes, please!), and the second a Wonder Woman film he’s planning to pitch to Warner Bros.

Answering a question about which superhero he’d like to tackle, Landis said:

"Either a version of Green Lantern that played like ET meets Stand By Me using the goth/punk [scene] and Kyle Raynor, or Wonder Woman, using a pitch that I intend to make to Warner Bros."

More than one attempt have been made to bring the Amazon Princess both to the big and small screen—to no avail.

Most recently, The CW had planned to make a series called Amazon in the wake of the success of Arrow, but this project's currently on the back burner. Not to mention David E. Kelley’s atrocious Wonder Woman pilot (with that truly horrid costume), which was thankfully killed dead, dead, dead before we got to see it, as well as Avengers director Joss Whedon’s vain efforts to get a Wonder Woman flick off the ground for years.

And with Warner Bros.’s fear of getting Wonder Woman wrong, Max Landis definitely has his work cut out for him to convince the studio to finally take the plunge with a Wonder Woman film.

Do you think Max Landis is the right guy to come up with the perfect film Wonder Woman deserves?

(via Digital Spy)

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