Great Scott! The DeLorean is heading back into production, 34 years later

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Jan 27, 2016, 4:16 PM EST

For a car that proved to be a massive failure, the DeLorean is among the most iconic vehicles ever produced. Now it's finally heading back into production.

With its gull-style doors and sci-fi stylings, the DeLorean was already awesome when it hit showroom floors in the early 1980s. But the car’s key role in the blockbuster Back to the Future films as a time machine is what made it a cultural touchstone. Now, thanks to a federal low-volume manufacturing bill (of all random happenstance), the DeLorean Motor Company is about to start making some new ones.

The car was originally produced from 1981-1982, and only about 9,200 were actually made (with just over 6,000 believed to still be around). Sadly, all the Back to the Future fans in the world couldn’t save the original manufacturer from bankruptcy. But that’s changing now. The new-ish Motor Company (which acquired the rights in the mid-1990s) has announced plans to manufacture a few hundred new DeLoreans (remember the “low-volume” part of that bill?), which will be made available for around $100,000 each (so start saving).

The 2017 models will retain the classic stylings of the original DeLorean (of course) but reportedly feature more powerful engines (up to 300-400 horsepower, compared to the 130-horsepower original) and larger tires. We’re assuming they probably don’t come factory with a hover conversion or Mr. Fusion, though. The Flux Capacitor is on the deluxe package, we assume.

The company hopes to start cranking out new models by early 2017. They’ll be built at the DeLorean Motor Company’s plant in Texas.


(Via NBC News)