Greatest real-life superhero wedding EVER

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Who can resist a superhero wedding? Every comic-book fan remembers the weddings of Reed Richards and Sue Storm ... Green Arrow and Black Canary ... Batman and Wonder Woman... wait! That one never happened. Did it?

No, this isn't some What If? prank pulled by The Watcher. According to The Sun this week, in the U.K. city of Paignton, Devon, Neil and Sharon Vaughn had some wicked-fun nerdy nuptials dressed as everyone's favorite Dark Knight and Princess of Themiscyra. Family and friends showed up in a mini Comic-Con of cosplay, putting together in a single catered afternoon a mega-multi-hero team-up that would take armies of lawyers, license holders and copyright experts ages to negotiate. With Batman's proficiency with cables and tethers and Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, "tying the knot" has taken on a whole new meaning.

Somehow, the inevitable downsides to a wedding, like a pushy mother-in-law and a drunk uncle trying to dance like Travolta with bridesmaids, would just be a lot more tolerable if the mother-in-law and the drunk uncle were dressed as Zatanna and the Mighty Thor, wouldn't it?

And while rented tuxes are uncomfortable, especially in the summer, you really have to admire the guest who showed up in full Danger Mouse costume.