Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye is the face off we've always wanted in new fan film

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Aug 7, 2015

If you’ve ever been curious who would win in a battle to the death between DC and Marvel’s most famous archers, wonder no more.

A new, high-quality fan film from the team behind Nightwing: The Series has been released, featuring a faceoff between DC’s Green Arrow and Marvel’s Hawkeye. The choreography is surprisingly solid for a fan film, and the fight itself makes a ton of sense, while also paying homage to the fan-favorite tools of the trade.

From boxing gloves to exploding arrow, all the classics are here. We won’t spoil the winner of the fight here (seriously, check it out), but that final victory seems to be earned and make sense in the history and skill set of the characters. They’re both fantastic with a bow and arrow, but who has the edge when they get close enough for fisticuffs? 

Check out the short below and let us know who you think should’ve won:


If you don’t agree with the result, the creative team has also put together a full-on explainer video detailing how they came to this conclusion:


(Via IGN)

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