Green Lantern, Arrow writer pushing for Lantern to join Justice League flick

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May 5, 2014, 3:29 PM EDT (Updated)

He has his own corner of the DC universe to play with in Arrow, but Marc Guggenheim got his shot at the big screen a few years ago with Green Lantern. So what does he think about the Man of Steel-verse?

Guggenheim is currently a producer on Arrow, but he co-wrote the so-so 2011 Green Lantern flick starring Ryan Reynolds that could’ve kicked off the DC universe a few years before Man of Steel ... if the movie had been a little better, and performed a little better.

So what does Guggenheim hope to see in that eventual Justice League flick? More Green Lantern, despite the lackluster reception to his first shot at the character. Here’s what he told IGN when asked:

“I would love it (for Green Lantern to be involved). At the end of the day, I just want to see a great Justice League movie. I think they’re putting a lot of really cool pieces into play with the first two Superman movies and I’m basically a sucker for a great comic book movie. As long as they’re doing something awesome, I’ll be the first one in line.”

You've got to appreciate Guggenheim’s unabashed love for the genre, and that passion shines through every week on Arrow. He really found his niche on The CW, and seems genuinely interested in seeing a good Justice League flick — just as we are.

What do you think? Do you want Green Lantern in Justice League? If so, which Lantern?

(Via IGN)

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