Green Lantern’s makers just saw Deadpool 2’s end credits — and now they want their ring back

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May 21, 2018

They say that love and hate are just different sides of the same coin, right? Well, it’s starting to look as if the tongue-in-cheek jilted-lovers’ quarrel that Warner Bros. is having with Ryan Reynolds over letting the star of its maligned Green Lantern movie slip away for greener Deadpool pastures is going to need its own Very Special Episode to resolve all this tension.

Warner Bros. showed its sporting side last week when Deadpool 2 opened to a predictably huge box office, hopping in its wayback machine for a tweet that showed the studio isn’t bitter about Reynolds making Deadpool lemonade, with 20th Century Fox, out of Green Lantern’s lemons.

That, though, must have been before Warner Bros. had the chance to see Deadpool 2’s gonzo end credits scene, which (among other awesome things) finds Deadpool traveling back in time to kill off Ryan Reynolds before he has the chance to star in Warner Bros.’ ill-fated Green Lantern.

Sad, confused, and wounded, Warner Bros. responded to the sequence by sending out a bittersweet tweet that bears all the vindictive hallmarks of a spurned ex who wants the last word. Give the (Green Lantern’s) ring back, they demanded.

Within minutes, Reynolds had snapped his own Deadpool-worthy comeback that suggested an ounce of prevention could have saved this whole relationship from ever souring — or even happening in the first place.

What’s a NuvaRing? A contraceptive that was on the market back in 2011, when the Green Lantern was wielding his own, very different kind of ring. So Reynolds’ joke is that, if Warner Bros. had used just a little front-end caution, Deadpool wouldn’t have had to go back and murder the real guy who played Green Lantern… even though that real guy just so happens to be Reynolds himself.

Hey, we’re just glad that didn’t actually happen, because we’re not sure it’s worth sacrificing Deadpool and Deadpool 2 to history just for the sake of traveling backward to erase Green Lantern. In fact, if you look hard enough, you just might find someone who likes all three movies.

In the meantime, you can catch Reynolds in his Deadpool 2 incarnation in theaters everywhere. And if you want to relive Reynolds’ past life — the life he’d rather forget — in Green Lantern, you’re only a Blu-ray or digital download away. (Sorry, Deadpool — for better or worse, your Green Lantern moment is here to stay.)

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