Power Rangers: Shattered Grid trailer
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Power Rangers: Shattered Grid trailer

Green Ranger Jason David Frank stars as evil Lord Drakkon in new Power Rangers: Shattered Grid comic trailer

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Mar 26, 2018, 11:06 AM EDT

Go Go Power Rangers fans! Mere days before the much-anticipated comic book event Power Rangers: Shattered Grid is set to drop, a new trailer has been released to promote the event. And get this, it stars original Rangers star Jason David Frank as Lord Drakkon! (Hey, Frank has always been passionate about his character.)  

“So many Rangers… so much potential… squandered. For so long,” intones Drakkon as he watches multiple (smoke) screens of the heroes in action (or reruns, depending on how you look at it). He then sees a younger version of himself as the Green Ranger, telling the others, with utter sincerity: “What’s important to me now is my friendship to all of you. I don’t ever want that to change.” 

When the Pink Ranger replies: “It won’t, Tommy. You’ll always be one of us,” the screen dissolves into a puff of green smoke. Drakkon appears unmoved by the memory. 

“It’s time to set things right,” he says before suiting up. “We will invade their worlds. We’ll tear down everything that might protect them,” he tells his minion. “And then, when it’s too late, when they’re powerless and alone, they will realize the truth: They could have been gods.” 

Music swells as he looks upon his armada as it gets ready to fly into action.


The trailer, written and directed by Kyle Higgins and produced by Higgins, Frank, J.J. Vazquez, and Ramon Palermo, serves as “a dark prelude to the comic book event of the year.” It also clearly serves as a loving tribute to the series and the fans. (Seriously, we defy any Power Rangers fan not to be moved by at least one aspect of the trailer, from Frank playing the villain to the clips from the old series to the interplay between the two.)  

The Power Rangers: Shattered Grid storyline will play out in Boom! Studios' two ongoing series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, by writer Kyle Higgins and artist Daniele Di Nicuolo, and Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers, by writer Ryan Parrott and artist Dan Mora, along with two one-shot specials. This event is part of Saban’s 25th-anniversary celebration of the Power Rangers global phenomenon, with more graphic novels and comics to be announced later this year.  

In Shattered Grid, the evil Lord Drakkon takes the Power Rangers' inspiration and power when creating an army of stormtroopers to become the Rangers' largest threat ever. At Emerald City Comic Con earlier this month, Higgins described Shattered Grid as a cross between "Lord of the Rings and Crisis on Infinite Earths for Power Rangers." Okay, that sounds quite cool. And we only have a couple more days to find out for ourselves. 

Power Rangers: Shattered Grid drops March 28.