Green Lantern writer hopes Tom Welling will cameo as Clark Kent

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Dec 14, 2012

We all love a great cameo and some easter eggs sprinkled in our sci-fi movies, and the upcoming Green Lantern is bound to have its share of them. But there's one cameo you can cross off the list—for now—and that's Clark Kent. But co-writer Marc Guggenheim STILL wants him in, and the man he picked for the job is Smallville's Tom Welling.

Speaking to MTV's Splash Page, Guggenheim talked about how the Clark Kent cameo is something quite important to him:

Without trying very hard, you could probably find the leaked script on the internet. [The Superman cameo] is in the leaked script. It survived several drafts. Ultimately, it was cut for budgetary reasons. We took it out in one of our later drafts. The Clark Kent cameo is still near and dear to my heart. I really wanted it to be in the movie. You never know—it can still happen. If Tom Welling has a free hour or two, you never know.

This last part was apparently a bit of joking on Marc Guggenheim's part, but we're sure that it'll be just what Tom Welling and Smallville fans need to spur them to action and start petitioning Guggenheim, director Martin Campbell and Warner Brothers for that to happen.

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