Green Lantern writer to direct Flash movie?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Last we heard about a proposed movie based on DC Comics' Flash, writer David Goyer said it was "shrouded in mystery." Well, the mystery has lifted a bit, if we are to believe our athletically inclined pals at IESB.net: They're reporting that Greg Berlanti, co-writer of the upcoming Green Lantern and director of Life as We Know It, is in line to direct:

The name should ring a bell or two, Berlanti wrote "Green Lantern" with one my favorites Marc Guggenheim and was once attached to direct the film before WB settled on Martin Campbell.

It's unclear whether Flash will be based on Goyer's initial idea or will be written by someone else. And, of course, way to early to know who will put on the red suit, though Ryan Reynolds was once Goyer's choice (he's not involved and will instead play Hal Jordan in Green Lantern).

What do you think? And who should be the new Flash? (We're partial to Mark Valley of Fox's Human Target.)

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