Greetings from Krypton, Gallifrey, Cybertron + 36 more outer space postcards

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:23 AM EDT (Updated)

Nobody takes the time to send hand-written postcards anymore, and that's a sad testament to the turbulent digital times we inhabit. An unexpected postcard was a personalized passport to an exotic land or alluring city sent from friends or loved ones, and discovering one in your mailbox used to be a joyous occasion.  Harkening back to simpler times, yet still capitalizing on our current hunger for remote sci-fi realms, here is a cosmic collection of fictional Postcards From Space plucked from fantastic intergalactic travel spots in movies, novels, video games, TV shows, cartoons and comics.  

Created by a crew of talented artists, these cool correspondences feature the vacation destinations of distant locales like Krypton, Klendathu, LV-426, Discworld, Cybertron, Arrakis, Planet X, Solaris, Pandora, Tatooine, Tralfamadore and many more.  Individual 4x6 inch postcards are printed on heavy stock and perfectly suitable for framing or mailing.  The entire Postcards From Space collection is available for $5 each HERE.

Shuffle through this galaxy of outer space greetings in the gallery below and tell us where you'd most want to send salutations from.