Gremlins reboot might bring cutest '80s monsters ever back to life

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Jan 22, 2013, 10:15 PM EST (Updated)

Well, it was a statistical inevitability, wasn't it? Gremlins, considered by many horror fans to be their favorite Christmas movie, finally looks to be getting doused with water. Or is that fed after midnight? Bright light? It's probably getting a reboot, is what we're saying.

Warner Bros. is allegedly in talks with Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment to get the Gremlins party started up again. Apparently there have been several attempts in the past that all fell through, but this time is going to be different?

As always, it's not an issue of desire, it's an issue of money. While Spielberg didn't direct either of the first two Gremlins films, he did produce, and that gives him a lot of control. He may not want it to be done at all, he may not have liked their past pitches for a reboot, or he may just want too large a cut. Whatever the past may have been, though, the stars may finally be aligning for our monstrous little friends from the 1980s.

One request, Warner Bros: The original Gremlins was a real achievement in practical effects. Could we maybe not make the reboot a CGI-fest? Please?

(via Vulture)

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