Grimm - Bitsie Tulloch as Eve

Exclusive: Grimm's Bitsie Tulloch teases big emotions and big reveals for the last two episodes

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Apr 28, 2017, 1:54 PM EDT (Updated)

With only a handful of episodes to go before Grimm's big final finale, actress Bitsie Tulloch believes fans will get the perfect fairy tale ending ... at least perfect in a Grimm sort of way. But as it is with all fairy tales, don't expect it to be all hearts and flowers ...

Tulloch plays Eve, who once was Nick's sweet fiancee Juliette ... before she was the mother-beheading evil hexenbiest Juliette. It's been a complicated road when it comes to the evolution of Eve, who's tied deeply to the mythology of the series.

The actress has been very busy with so many roles lately, it's hard to imagine how she's had time to get it all in. She was in Concussion with Will Smith and Chronic with Tim Roth and has two indie films coming up this year, including a heist film called Dead Draw and a sweet family comedy called We Love You Sally Carmichael.

Tulloch chatted with Syfy Wire about the possible rise of a new big bad, whether or not Eve really has feelings for Nick and why she thinks the final episodes just might bring a tear to our eye.

What do we have to look forward to as the series comes to a close?

We only have seven episodes left, so as we get closer and closer to the finale, you'll see the episodes get more dramatic and emotional. And the villain in the last few episodes of the show is incredible. I can't wait for the fans to watch!

Eve's been heavily involved in the mythology side of things and we've just found out that March 24 is going to be a big date coming up on the show. What can you tease us about the mythology end of it all?

It's pretty cool -- as far as the mythology the final few episodes have, for example, Druid temples, and have a lot more to do with astrology than we typically see on Grimm. It gets a little more complicated than usual.

Grimm - Bitsie Tulloch as Eve

Eve has been very affected by the stick, which seems to be bringing back her feelings for Nick, among doing other things to her. How do you feel about these developments for your character?

I think it's less of her feelings coming back and more of the humanity coming back. And I think that's exactly what the writers should have given her as a storyline. She needed to feel like herself again and less like a weapon/robot.

Eve's evolved so much over the last couple seasons. What's it been like as an actress to tackle this material?

When Juliette evolved into Eve, it was more of a "wipe the slate clean" sort of thing. The difficulty there was how controlled Eve was -- for her, it's all about economy of movement and energy. She never spoke more than she needed to, or moved more than she needed to, so that she could preserve her energy in case a threat presented itself. Juliette was more 'human' so I had more freedom to use my body and voice any way I wanted to, and it was difficult having to be so controlled, and then a little hard handling the moments of Juliette peeking through without overdoing it.

What's one storyline you wished had been developed or more developed? What did we miss when it came to Juliette/Eve?

I think the fans would have loved seeing Monroe and Rosalee as parents, but because of the constraints of having a shorter final season, it's more about her pregnancy. I think the only thing that's maybe missed with Juliette and Eve is that some fans really wanted Juliette back, and that's not going to happen. Eve has some characteristics of Juliette that are starting to pop up, but it's still Eve.

What themes do you see prevalent this season?

Family, loyalty, revenge, forgiveness. Because it's the final season you see many loose ends being tied up.

Grimm - Bitsie Tulloch as Eve

What's been your biggest challenge this season?

Knowing it was the last one! That was hard for everyone, there were a lot of moments during the five months of shooting that were 'this the last time we will be at this location,' 'the last time this recurring character will be on the show,' 'the last time we are on this set.' It was a tough and emotional process for both cast and crew.

What's surprised you most this season?

Honestly, the last few episodes are terrific, but episode 607 [tonight's "Blind Love"] surprised me the most. It's based on a Shakespeare comedy and I have no doubt it will end up being a fan favorite because it's so over-the-top and hilarious.

Assuming Eve survives the finale, what are your hopes for her as a character?

To make amends. Eve still feels some guilt for all the havoc and pain she caused when she was "hexenbiest Juliette," and it's really important to her to show her friends and Nick that she has changed and is now 'good.'

When it comes to the final moments of Grimm, will we be satisfied with the ending? Why?

Hint: Bring boxes of tissues for the final two episodes. They will tear everyone's hearts asunder, and then yes -- it being a show based on fairy tales, I think people will like the way it ends. It's a mostly happy ending (it can't be completely happy -- it is Grimm after all). There are a few things that are slightly open-ended, so it feels like everyone wins.

Here's a look at tonight's Grimm, "Blind Love."

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