Grimm - "Blind Love"

It's Grimm business when a Cupid Wesen takes aim at Nick and the gang

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Apr 28, 2017, 1:45 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Blind Love" because hey ... it's a TV Recap!

The short version: Rosalee surprises Monroe with a birthday getaway and invites the gang to join them. After they check into the scenic hotel and begin to celebrate, a hotel employee named Randy recognizes Nick as the cop who put his Wesen dad in jail. Randy's a Cupiditas Wesen, and he cooks up a love potion designed to drive Nick and the gang into a murderous rage. Meanwhile, Eve sees a spooky vision of a green-eyed dark skull in the mirror, a vision Nick can see too. And Diana spends the weekend with her dad, at least until she gets kidnapped by one of Renard's former allies.

The good: Cupid's arrow strikes, Hank gets it on, and Diana goes Looney Tunes

Kathie: Fun! The writers and actors play it up in this silly and at points laugh-out-loud funny episode. This episode features the Cupiditas Wesen, who collects hair from his victims and then spits into a drink and adds the hair to make a love potion. When his victim drinks the concoction he or she will be driven to become obsessively in love with the owner of the hair. So Monroe falls for Eve, Nick for Rosalee, Eve for Nick, Adalind for Monroe and Wu for a female hotel employee whose hair accidentally got into his glass. But the real treat is Hank, who ends up drinking the potion with his own hair, leading him to fall for his own image and play Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" to himself. Only Rosalee, who begged off the wine due to being pregnant, escapes the Cupiditas' love arrow.

The boys get all poetic, Eve and Adalind plant kisses on the object of their affections and all hell breaks loose, until "You're messing with a pregnant woman" Rosalee hunts down Randy. Unfortunately for Randy, there's only one way to break the spell and it involves a fall off a cliff. It's the perfect Valentine to fans.

Grimm - \"Blind Love\"

Krystal: I completely agree. The A storyline was downright hilarious! My favorite scene was in the hallway where the fight erupted. It was every man and woman for themselves. Nick fell to his knees calling out for Rosalee, while Adalind screamed in horror at the sight of Monroe kissing Eve. All the while, Hank's in his own world sweet-talking his reflection. "Let's Get It On" really drove that gag home. I couldn't get enough of it.

Since we're pumping up the camp, I have to admit Diana got a laugh out of me this week. She and Lt. Grossante are a prime example of what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted. Sure, Renard was initially shocked that his daughter was missing but he knew she could take care of herself. When Diana demanded Lt. Grossante take her home he was less than willing to oblige. Therefore, she had no choice but to use her powers and throw him across the room -- multiple times -- like a Looney Tunes cartoon.

Grimm - \"Blind Love\"

The bad: Who's watching the baby and Diana says the darndest things

Kathie: While the story is entertaining, there was one moment that rang false for me. In the hotel hallway outside the rooms, Nick, Monroe, Eve, Adalind and Hank are all going nuts due to the effects of the potion. Rosalee realizes what's going on and runs off to find the bad Wesen. However, baby Kelly is crying just steps away from the lovesick and angry gang. Wouldn't Rosalee get the baby to safety first? Why doesn't mom-to-be Rosalee have any worry for the infant?

Krystal: Even though Diana made me chuckle, she also made me cringe. Her line of questioning with Eve was beyond awkward. Asking your mom's boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend if she wants him back? Most children are brutally honest and lack a filter but how does she even know the specifics of their relationship? I really need the writers to find another way to address uncomfortable topics without using Diana as a scapegoat.

Kathie: Once again the CGI in this episode isn't very good. The Wesen are fine, but Randy's fall down the cliff looks very fake and the green-eyed black skull in the mirror looks video game-ish. Don't know if their CGI budget got cut, but bad CGI takes you out of the story and draws attention to itself.

Grimm - \"Blind Love\"

Lingering questions: Mr. Green Eyes, Let's get to it

Kathie: There's not a lot of mythology in this one. A green-eyed black skull pops into a mirror to terrorize Eve, which Nick can also see. Eve is relieved she's not the only one seeing Mr. Green Eyes, of course, especially considering her symbol visions and stick issues. Not sure what this has to do with the stick or the symbols or the mystery date of impending possible doom, but Eve thinks it has something to do with her psychedelic trip when she touched that dead Wesen a few episodes back.

Krystal: I have no idea who Skeletor-Red Skull is either. We're halfway through this shortened season and need answers sooner than later. They're stretching it out too long for my taste. If we're going to give Eve a mission or a divine purpose, let's get to it.

Lines of the night:

"These are my friends and the people I love. You are messing with a pregnant woman!" - Rosalee, after the Cupiditas Wesen threatens to make her friends pay because Nick put his dad in prison.

"I've been waiting for you my whole life. The only one I've ever loved is my cat." - Wu to the waitress

Best line of the night:

"I hate to admit it but you are one damn fine-looking man." - Hank to his own reflection in the mirror