Grimm returns strong, Cult hits new low + 38 other genre shows

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)


Many shows use March to take a break, but Grimm used it for its glorious return.

The NBC supernatural drama came back from a four-week hiatus to good (though not great) ratings, while Cult did even worse in its first Friday night airing. Meanwhile The Clone Wars won't be coming back after all, The Walking Dead continued to dominate, and The Big Bang Theory did what The Big Bang Theory always does.

MONDAY, March 4th

Being Human (Syfy) 0.97 million viewers/0.4

Being Human broke even this week for another solid but not stellar broadcast. We'll see if it picks up closer to the finale.

Continuum (Syfy) 1.01 million viewers/0.3 

Continuum picked up a few viewers and broke even in its ratings score to make it the most-watched of Syfy's Monday scripted shows last week. We'll see if it keeps rising.

Lost Girl (Syfy) 0.92 million viewers/0.4

Lost Girl returned from the week off to a slight drop in viewers but held on to its ratings score. Numbers have been strong enough both in the U.S. and Canada that the show's now getting a fourth season, so even if it dips a bit before the season-three finale, fans don't need to worry much.

Revolution (NBC) — OFF

Revolution returns March 25.

Shows on Hiatus

Teen Wolf (MTV) — Returns June 3 2013

Warehouse 13 (Syfy) — Returns April 2013

Tron: Uprising (Disney XD) — Returns Unknown

Canceled Shows

Alphas (Syfy)


WEDNESDAY, March 6th

Arrow (CW) -- OFF

Dragons: Riders of Berk (TOON) 1.59 million viewers/0.4

Dragons picked up a few viewers this week, but it's still not back to where it was last year. A second season will come anyway, though, so there's plenty of room for improvement.

The Neighbors (ABC) 5.74 million viewers/1.7/5 share

The Neighbors dropped a few viewers but held on to its rating and share scores. This one's not a blockbuster, but it's still likely to stick around for another year.

Supernatural (CW) -- OFF

Shows on Hiatus

Futurama (Comedy) — Returns 2013

American Horror Story (FX) — Returns Fall 2013


THURSDAY, March 7th

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 17.63 million viewers/5.5/17 share

The Big Bang Theory did what it always does, and there's no sign that it'll stop being dominant anytime soon.

Person of Interest (CBS) 14.57 million viewers/2.8/8 share

Person of Interest returned from a week off to a slight drop in its demo score, but it's still one of the top shows on a very tough TV night.

Elementary (CBS) -- OFF

The Vampire Diaries (CW) -- OFF

Beauty and the Beast (CW) -- OFF

Archer (FX) 1.53 million viewers/0.9

Archer dipped a bit in its demo score, but still wound up one of the top cable shows on its night.


Zero Hour is done. We'll move it down to the canceled list next week.

Shows on Hiatus

Saving Hope (NBC) — Returns Unknown

Wilfred (FX) — Returns 2013

Haven (Syfy) — Returns Unknown

Canceled Shows

Last Resort (ABC)


FRIDAY, March 8th

Touch (FOX) 2.60 million viewers/0.7/2 share

Touch dropped again this week. This one is almost certainly done.

Merlin (Syfy) -- OFF (Returns May 3)

Spartacus: War of the Damned (Starz) 0.87 million viewers/0.3

After an encouraging boost last week, Spartacus took another drop this week. It's on the way out, so the numbers don't matter much, but it doesn't look like this one will finish very strong.

Grimm (NBC) 4.90 million viewers/1.5/5 share

Grimm returned Friday after a very lengthy hiatus to solid but not great numbers. Still, March is a weak month for TV, so don't be surprised to see this one get a big boost as we close in on May sweeps.

Cult (CW) 0.68 million viewers/0.2/1 share

The last prime-time slot on a Friday night is often reserved for struggling shows that couldn't make it elsewhere, and this week the flailing Cult moved there after two very weak Tuesday nights. The Friday numbers were even weaker, so don't expect this show to be around much longer.

Completed Shows

Fringe (FOX) — Run ended after five seasons


SATURDAY, March 9th

Clone Wars (TOON) -- CANCELED

Clone Wars had a strong season-five finale and was supposed to come back for a sixth season, but this week Lucasfilm hit us with the news that it won't. The remaining produced episodes will filter out through other means.

Shows on Hiatus

Bedlam (BBC) — Returns Unknown

Doctor Who (BBC) — Returns March 30, 2013


SUNDAY, March 10th

Once Upon a Time (ABC) 7.64 million viewers/2.3/6 share


Once Upon a Time got a small boost this week in both viewers and ratings. It's not where it was in 2012, but it's still very likely to get a third season.

666 Park Avenue (ABC) — OFF

666 Park Avenue's final four episodes will show up this summer on ABC, then it's done.

The Walking Dead (AMC) 11.46 million viewers/5.7

The Walking Dead had another killer week, dominating both cable and broadcast shows.

Shows on Hiatus

Falling Skies (TNT) — Returns 2013

Game of Thrones (HBO) — Returns March 31, 2013

True Blood (HBO) — Returns 2013





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