Grimm at SDCC: Powerless Nick, The Royals' backstory and Wu's new mission

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Jul 28, 2014, 10:31 AM EDT (Updated)

When it comes to Grimm, there's a lot to talk about. Each season, the show raises the stakes, and season four will be no different. Blastr spoke with executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf about the next chapter in their supernatural series. The show's title character has lost his powers, making him more vulnerable than ever. This couldn't come at a more inopportune time, because the Royals are still a threat. Plus, Nick's co-worker Sgt. Wu may learn of his double life.

Last season ended with multiple cliffhangers. Are we going to jump back into the action?

Jim Kouf: We're gonna deal with everything. They have to deal with everything. They have to go home, and there's a guy with his head lying in the living room there. There's a bloody house.

Why did you decide to take away Nick's abilities?

David Greenwalt: It seemed like after he finally adjusted to having all this, living in a strange world, what would it be like if he didn't have those powers? What would it mean to him and his relationships?

Jim Kouf: Also, with Adalind. Nick took Adalind's powers away. Adalind repaying him for that was a good way for her, because she wants to get her child back. Getting rid of a Grimm in Portland is good way of changing the roles.

Will we meet more Grimms this season?

David Greenwalt: We'll see Nick's mom again before all the dust is settled.

Jim Kouf: There's always a possibility.

After discovering the Wesen drawings at Nick's house, will Sgt. Wu's visions take him in another crazy direction?

David Greenwalt: Well, it's already taken on a totally different thing because of the Aswang episode, where he saw stuff, went to a mental place and then decided that it was all in his head. But now it's coming back up again.

Jim Kouf: He's trying to make sense of the world. Things aren't adding up right now. He's gonna start pushing.

Will we get more details on the Royals backstory? They just won't let up.

David Greenwalt: Yes, we're going to learn more about the Royals. They want their power back. 

Jim Kouf: They want everything. They want to control the world again. Remember, before World War II and World War I, royalty pretty much controlled the world. They're pissed and they want it back.

Grimm returns Oct. 24 on NBC.

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