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Grimm star says we should get ready for 'zombie Nick going ape$#!@' on S3

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Oct 25, 2013

When NBC's twisted fairy-tale cop procedural, Grimm, premieres its third season tonight, the biggest threat will be from the main character himself, cop Nick Burkhardt, said actor David Giuntoli in an exclusive interview with Blastr. In fact, the Grimm is not going to be himself at all after being kidnapped and poisoned by a toxin. Let's just say he qualifies more to be on The Walking Dead than the hit Friday night series.

The premiere is all about “Zombie Nick going ape$#!@ in the streets of Portland,” said Giuntoli, who plays Nick. “Nick does some bad things. He is taken over by another entity, sort of. A sliver of him is to blame for it, but the vast majority of him is under the power of a potion that turned him into what we call a zombie.”

For Giuntoli, it adds up to playing a very different version of Nick. “I got to guest-star on my own TV show. I was a completely different character for a while,” he said.

When Nick does return from being zombie-fied, as we know he will since Giuntoli is the star of the show, he and his Scooby gang will have a lot to handle, said the actor.

“There's a reckoning. And I am going to have to deal with what I've done. We'll see how that goes,” said Giuntoli.

“He always just wanted to do what was right, but that's not very clear at this moment. The character's going through a lot of changes. There's moments in the script where I have to make the decision, 'Okay, there's no turning back from x, y.' You can't go back to first-season Nick anymore. You have to rewrite the story of who you are in your head while keeping the same grounding characteristics that your character has always wanted. My character's always wanted justice. My character's always wanted to use his rarefied blood to solve and to protect in a way that nobody else can. He always has that, but he's developing within that. He keeps changing within that.”

It will add up to a different Nick as the season continues. “It's murky at this point. There are two different lives that go on. I can't tell all of humanity about what's going on out there. But I also have this responsibility. [The] first season I was a cop the whole time. The lines are blurred. I'm a cop by day, monster fighter by night. You know what I mean?” said Giuntoli.

This season on the action-packed show, “we're going to meet more creatures. We're borrowing a lot more from other folklore. Nick is now adding to the Grimms' fairy tales, while before he was just reading them. He's now adding to the tome that's known as the Grimm's Brothers' Fairy Tales. So we're exploring some new, deeper mythologies that exist in cultures that are not our own. And it's going to be really fun for the viewers to see that,” said Giuntoli.

The good news is we'll also be seeing a more powerful Nick. “He's gaining some superpowers. We're going to see some of those. He is honing what he's already had latent in him. He's becoming a more empowered character and person. So it's become more of a physically demanding show, I would say. However, I love the fight scenes. Matt Taylor, our Emmy-award-winning stunt coordinator, is fantastic and so fun to work with,” he said.

Grimm with Nick and Monroe
Grimm, David Giuntoli

The other good news is that his Scooby gang has gotten bigger this year. His true love Juliette and his partner Hank now know all about his Grimm condition. And at least for the moment, police Capt. Renard seems on his side as well. Add in last year's Wesen Scoobys, Blutbad buddy Monroe and apothecary Rosalee, and Nick definitely has more support this season.

“Who would I be? Unfortunately I think I would be Scooby-Doo in this case, because it's named after him and the show's named after me,” joked Giuntoli.

Each member of the gang brings “something to the table. … Now we've got to all go after, as a united front, the Big Bad,” said Giuntoli. Could that Big Bad be a member of the Royal Families perhaps? Or maybe that pregnant troublemaking former Hexenbiest, Adalind Schade? The actor isn't talking.

However, the season isn't all about Grimm angst.

“We have some more love going on. There's some wedding bells for 'Monrosalee. Some interspecies marriage going on, which I'm down with,” he said about the Monroe and Rosealee of it all.

Beyond that, “Nick and Juliette are sharing the same bed happily again.” They are in a different place now that she's gotten over the spell she was under last season and especially now that she knows his secret. “Every relationship needs transparency. I was closeted. I had to come out of the closet. I had to come out of the trailer,” laughed Giuntoli, referring to his secret Grimm trailer.

But don't expect things to become too comfy. “The show is not called Happy. It's called Grimm. But I love it. I love it. I wouldn't change it,” said Giuntoli.

Grimm premieres tonight on NBC at 9 p.m. ET

Here's a look:

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