The Grimm Supernova

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Dec 21, 2005

I was poking around the web a little while ago looking for an image of a supernova remnant, an exploded star. I found this one from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory:

Pretty neat, huh? This is the expanding gas from a star that blew up in the year 1006, and this is what it looks like after 1000 years. The gas is still way hot, millions of degrees, so it emits X-rays. Chandra detects these high-energy photons, and can construct an image out of them.

So when I found this image, I thought it was cool. But I just knew it looked familiar somehow. Suddenly, I had it! I knew where I'd seen it before! I saw it when I was a kid, in my brother's comic books.

What can I say? It's clobberin' time!

What were you expecting? Michael Chiklis?

Tip of the Bad Beret to Space News Blog for reminding me of this.

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