Grimm’s 15 most shocking moments, ranked

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Jan 6, 2017, 6:29 PM EST

After a long summer and fall hiatus, Grimm has returned for its sixth and final season. It’s been a bumpy road to acceptance, but fans are ready to say goodbye. Over the past five seasons, Grimm has provided us with plenty of twists and turns. Plus more memorable monsters than you can count. The show has managed to stay relevant and keep viewers on their toes. With over 100 episodes under its belt, that's no easy feat. Before diving into the last 13, let's take a walk down memory lane.

Here are Grimm's 15 most shocking moments that changed the show forever.


15. Rosalee is pregnant

In the Season 5 finale, Rosalee (Bree Turner) dropped a baby bomb on her husband Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) at the most inopportune time. There’s no better way to learn you’re going to be a father than being trapped in a tunnel while running for your life. How romantic!


14. Nick loses his powers

At the beginning of Season 4, Nick (David Giuntoli) was a Grimm in name and name only. His powers were taken and suddenly, he wasn't so useful. Can you have a show called Grimm without an active one on duty? Thankfully, Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) picked up the slack while the writers strung Nick along for another six powerless episodes.


13. Wu the Wesen?

For most of the series, Wu (Reggie Lee) didn’t know Grimms or wesen existed. He was kept in the dark until Nick realized his ignorance wasn’t bliss. But Wu didn't just learn about these creatures, he became one. In Season 5, he was scratched by a lycanthrope and contracted a virus that turned him into a wesen hybrid. He went from an everyman to a Neanderthal-type stuck between two worlds.


12. Deadly Diana

The daughter of Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz) and Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee) inherited her parents’ worst traits. Diana Schade-Renard (Hannah R. Loyd) is a cold-blooded killer, who just happens to be a kid. Since returning to Portland she’s proven to be both manipulative and murderous. Notable examples include the deaths of Rachel Wood (Anne Leighton) and Black Claw co-founder, Conrad Bonaparte (Shaun Toub).


11. A biest fight

After years of bad blood, Adalind and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) finally went at it in Season 4. Juliette was no longer a naïve civilian. She was a fellow Hexenbiest filled with rage. When it came to these two, no piece of furniture was spared. They threw everything at each other, except the kitchen sink. It was a fight for the ages.


10. Meisner is killed

When we first met Meisner (Damien Puckler), he was a mysterious figure and active part of the Resistance. He was principled, resourceful, and at one point, Adalind’s knight in shining armor. So when he returned in Season 5 with a more prominent role, I was elated! But what appeared to be a promising addition turned out to be a flash in the pan. Meisner didn’t make it out alive. All the questions we had about him and his feelings for Adalind were crushed by Renard's bullet.


9. Mommy's home

Grimm’s second season kicked off with the return of Nick’s mother, Kelly Burkhardt (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). Previously, it was established that both of Nick’s parents died in an auto accident when he was 12. But according to Mama Burkhardt, it wasn’t her body at the scene. It was a family friend who died in her place. Kelly used the mistaken identity to her advantage and went into hiding. She chose to stay in the shadows until she was forced to return -- 18 years later.


8. Nick is turned into a zombie

At one point, Grimm channeled The Walking Dead by introducing a Cracher-Mortel (Reg E. Cathey), a wesen whose spit turned its victims into zombies. It produced an army of undead so strong it isolated the Grimm gang and left Nick vulnerable to attack. In epic fashion, the hero was inevitably turned and stuffed into a coffin like an afterthought.


7. Juliette torches Aunt Marie's trailer

For the first few seasons, Aunt Marie’s (Kate Burton) trailer was a Grimm staple. It was a library, a weapons cabinet, and a place of refuge. Unfortunately, it also became one of Evil Juliette's many casualties. In Season 4, viewers watched in horror as she set the trailer ablaze. The show hasn’t been the same since.


6. Renard is shot

Remember when Renard got a chest full of lead courtesy of Weston Steward (C. Thomas Howell)? In the Season 3 finale, fans were left wondering if and how the captain would survive. After all, he’s half-wesen, not immortal.


5. What's in the box?

When Juliette lured Nick’s mom into an ambush, I expected a fight, not an execution. They killed Kelly off in the most gruesome way possible. The woman, the myth, and the legend was decapitated by the Verrat. And to add insult to injury, they left her head as a parting gift, Seven-style.  


4. Juliette is “dead”

At the end of Season 4, we thought Juliette was a goner. After everything she’d done, she practically begged Nick to kill her. He didn’t have the heart to deliver the deathblow but Trubel did. It was a relief because the character was written into a corner and had nowhere else to go. Or so we thought!


3. Eve of Destruction

Technically, Juliette did die. Her body was taken by Hadrian’s Wall because they had plans for the Hexenbiest. She was immediately treated, trained, and reborn as the wig-happy weapon, Eve. This new personality didn’t identify as Juliette, felt nothing for Nick, and was solely focused on dismantling Black Claw.


2. Adalind's pregnant... again

How do you make Nick and Adalind even more complicated? Throw a kid into the mix! When Adalind transformed into Juliette and tricked Nick into sleeping with her, I doubt she had baby on the brain. Everyone was shaken by her pregnancy, Nick, Juliette, Monroe, even Bud (Danny Bruno)!


1. Adalind/Juliette sleeps with Nick

Adalind sleeping with Nick is arguably Grimm's most controversial moment. In an effort to strip him of his powers, she used a potion to temporarily transform herself into Juliette. While in that form, she caused irreparable damage to the once happy couple. Juliette went from vet to wesen while Nick and Adalind went from enemies to co-parents. This moment singlehandedly changed the course of the entire show.