Groovy: Bruce Campbell reveals major plot twist for Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:12 AM EDT (Updated)

Filming on the third season of Starz’s Ash vs. Evil Dead is currently in full swing in New Zealand, and while we don’t know much about what’s coming up for Ash and his sidekicks Kelly and Pablo, star Bruce Campbell had some intriguing tidbits to share about Season 3.

Namely, Ashley James “Ash” Williams is getting an offspring, most specifically a teenaged daughter. That’s what the Army of Darkness star revealed to Dawn Bourn during a recent video interview on the red carpet for the Saturn Awards:

“Wait until you see Season 3, baby. Off the charts. We’re jumping off a cliff at the end. It’ll never be the same… the world will never be the same at the end of this season. There’s some big shit that happens. Ash’s daughter. Ash has a child. And she’s in trouble. She’s a target. Ya know, the demons are like the mafia… will go after your family. So he has to not only save the world – he has to raise a daughter. A teenager… an unruly teenager.”

Ash raising a daughter definitely sounds like something our boomstick-and-chainsaw-wielding lothario is nicely equipped to do. Not.

I don’t know who they’ve cast in the role, but wouldn’t it be cool if they got Jane Levy (who starred in the Evil Dead remake) to play Ash's teenaged spawn? Yes, I know she may be getting bit too old to play a teenager (though she totally looks the part) and is currently busy with tons of other projects, but the casting would be awesome.

What say you about Ash getting a daughter for Season 3? Ash vs. Evil Dead should return sometime in the fall.

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