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Guardians alum Michelle Yeoh was 'horrified' by Marvel's firing of James Gunn

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Sep 6, 2018, 9:56 AM EDT

Another Guardians of the Galaxy alum has come out in support of fired director James Gunn, who was canned by Disney after old, inappropriate tweets were brought to light. Joining MCU co-stars like Dave Bautista, David Hasselhoff, Glenn Close, and Kurt Russell (as well as entertainment staples like Selma Blair and Jerry Seinfeld), Michelle Yeoh — who played Aleta Ogord in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 — has spoken out.

Speaking to Yahoo Movies about Crazy Rich Asians, Yeoh was asked about the Gunn decision — and she wasn’t having it. “I was shocked, horrified that we can allow something like that to happen,” Yeoh said in response to Gunn losing his job for decade-old jokes. “You’re talking about things that he said in the archives. If he had said it yesterday, or today, or something like this then you can make a big fuss but why dig up something now?”

Gunn had been up-front about his past tweets and juvenile sense of shock-jock humor before, but it was only after being unearthed again that Disney took a hardline stance. “I don’t understand at all,” Yeoh said. “It’s so unnecessary, what good does it do?”

Guardians of the Galaxy was a surprise hit thanks to Gunn’s unique humor and musical sensibilities and his cast has stood behind him during the scandal, though due to contractual obligations, they’re still locked into the third movie - even if Bautista has threatened his departure. Yeoh channels similar outrage into positivity, ending on a hopeful note.

“Let’s support James Gunn,” said Yeoh. “he’s such an amazing, incredible filmmaker and human being. We will fight on. You can’t keep a good guy down, that’s what I believe.”

Guardians of the Galaxy’s third installment has been tabled for the near future as Disney works to replace Gunn.