Guardians director responds to those Iron Man crossover rumor

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Apr 19, 2013, 12:54 PM EDT (Updated)

One of Marvel’s most intriguing Phase 2 films is the deep-space epic Guardians of the Galaxy, and rumors have swirled that a certain member of the Avengers could pop up to help ease the introduction.

The new version of Marvel’s Guardians comic actually features Iron Man as a member of the team, and the fact that Iron Man 3 will apparently include deep-space armor only added fuel to the fire.

So what does Guardians director James Gunn have to say about it? A lot, and also a little. He said all the rumors are no indication that Robert Downey Jr. will have any type of role in the film, but went on to hint that Guardians will be a major factor as a lead-in to Avengers 2:

“That just means that all our movies are connected. We’re created in a way that we’re very connected to the movies that came before us, we’re even more connected to The Avengers 2, that comes after us, and so in that respect, what we would hope is that these characters would continue, and that at some point in time they’ll all meet up with different characters throughout the galaxy...

In terms of a lot of stuff we’re very much like The Avengers, where it’s a very big, huge movie. It’s different because it’s cosmic, it’s in outer space, it’s very colorful. We have a whole history of science fiction behind us that we’re dealing with, and borrowing from, and also fighting with to create something unique. But at the same time there’s a lot of stuff it has in common with The Avengers. How you define a superhero movie is very difficult. To say that Drax or Gamora aren’t super heroes, it’s difficult. Even Quill. They are superheroes in a way. I think it is a superhero movie.”

Yeah, it’s vague, but it also doesn’t hurt the odds of some type of Avengers crossover to help introduce fans to the brave new world. Plus, Gunn’s comments about Avengers 2 are very intriguing. Thanos’ introduction is already hinting at an intergalactic threat, so who’s to say the Guardians couldn’t pop up in Avengers 2 for an all-out melee against evil forces?

What do you think? Will Iron Man pop up in Guardians, or will Marvel take a more standalone approach to its most far-fetched flick yet?

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