Guardians of the Galaxy director talks Indiana Jones influence, '80's tunes in trailer breakdown

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Feb 19, 2014, 12:41 PM EST

You’ve probably already watched it a few dozen times (if not, go ahead, we’ll wait), and now director James Gunn has opened up about all the deep space insanity we glimpsed in the first trailer for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Gunn chatted with Total Film to break down some of the key moments from the trailer, and how the elements we see in this initial footage will go on to inform the film as a whole. If that opening scene with Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) sneaking through an archeological site seemed a bit Indiana Jones-esque, there’s a good reason - because Gunn says there’s no film that he “loved more” than Raiders of the Lost Ark when it comes to inspiration.

He also noted that quirky, '80s soundtrack will also be sticking around in the final film, due to the fact that it’s all Quill has to tether him to his origin on Earth via his Sony Walkman. Gunn calls it his “umbilical cord,” noting they may play it for a laugh or two, but it won’t be treated as a joke.

We also got to see Rocket Raccoon blasting away for the first time, but we didn’t get to hear Bradley Cooper’s voice work in action for the mangy little beast. According to Gunn, there’s a good reason for that, as they’re saving it for later:

“We’ve recorded most of Bradley’s dialogue already. I suppose you would expect me to tell you he’s fantastic and his characterisation of Rocket will blow your mind – so don’t believe me and just wait to see (or hear) it for yourself. In all truth, we hired Bradley because he’s able to do both comedy and drama – it’s the thing I look for most in the actors on all my films – and to truly sell Rocket – for you to believe a Raccoon can talk (and blow up and shoot tons of stuff) we need a well-rounded actor."

Though we did get to see a heck of a lot of the Guardians-verse, including our first peek at Karen Gillan’s (Doctor Who) “super badass” Nebula, Gunn said he’s keeping a few more of the major characters under wraps for the next proper trailer. So, we may have to wait a while to get a peek at Lee Pace’s Ronan and Walking Dead alum Michael Rooker as Yondu:

“It’s important to add that we left out some of our coolest characters – Lee Pace’s Ronan the Accuser, Michael Rooker’s Yondu, and Glenn Close’s Nova Prime – because we want to save them for the full trailer in a couple months … There is no doubt that the cinematic pinnacle of my career is our cameras circling around a maniacal raccoon shooting a machine gun on the back of a living tree.”

Guardians of the Galaxy is set to open August 1, 2014. What did you think of the trailer? Is this going to be Marvel’s weirdest hit yet, or the company’s first real misstep?

(Via Total Film)