The Guardians of the Galaxy toy of your dreams just became a reality

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Aug 22, 2014, 6:19 PM EDT

Get your wallets out, Guardians of the Galaxy fans.

Almost immediately after Marvel's blockbuster cosmic space adventure hit theaters, fans all over the Internet started to make one very particular toy request. There are loads of Guardians goodies already out there, but Marvel apparently didn't anticipate just how big one particularly adorable moment in the film would get, and until now no toy existed to commemorate the scene. I speak, of course, of the moment at the very end of the film when Groot -- in baby form in a flower pot -- dances to the Jackson Five's "I Want You Back." The scene was so beloved that GIFs of it began circulating on Tumblr very quickly, and now that a clip of the dance has landed online, it's become even more popular.

Most everyone agrees that Marvel would be crazy to ignore such popular demand, and now it seems they've done something about it. This afternoon, Marvel's Executive Editor Director for Digital Media, Ryan Penagos (aka Agent M), tweeted an image that's bound to make plenty of fans involuntarily squeal. 

Yes, Dancing Groot can now be yours to own as part of Funko's ever-popular line of POP! vinyl figures. We don't know yet how much (if any) the toy will actually be able to dance, but it is pretty adorable, and collectors who've already picked up the other Funko Guardians figures are bound to snatch it up. There's no other official information on the toy just yet, but Penagos did announce in a subsequent tweet that pricing and release date information should arrive next week.

So, in response to this very nice news to start off our weekend, we can only say: We. Are. Groot.

(Via Agent M)